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Revolutionary Lottery Game PHRAZZES Allows Users to Play AlphaNumeric Phrases Like “@KatyPerry”, “#Love”, “Jennifer Lawrence”, “I Love Lucy”, “#23LeBron” and “8888″

By admin on Sunday, November 16, 2014
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Revolutionary Lottery Game PHRAZZES Allows Users to Play AlphaNumeric Phrases Like “@KatyPerry”, “#Love”, “Jennifer Lawrence”, “I Love Lucy”, “#23LeBron” and “8888″
Revolutionary Lottery Game PHRAZZES Allows Users to Play AlphaNumeric Phrases Like “@KatyPerry”, “#Love”, “Jennifer Lawrence”, “I Love Lucy”, “#23LeBron” and “8888″ POWELL, Ohio, Nov. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Lottery Game Inventors Craig Sedoris and Gary Kadlec have developed and filed Patent Applications on novel AlphaNumeric Lottery game systems called PHRAZZES.Logo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20141103/156276LOGO Lottery games worldwide have remained fundamentally unchanged forever. While they remain very popular, because the only choice is numbered balls, the majority of players simply let the computer pick for them. Here is a solution to bring new excitement into Lotteries and new players into the game. All Lottery players are hoping to have “Lady Luck” on their side. PHRAZZES will allow them to actually play Lucky combinations like “@KatyPerry”, “#Love”, “Jennifer Lawrence”, “Ellen”, “I Love Lucy”, “#23LeBron” and “8888″ or kids’ names, a favorite pet, lucky color or sports team name as more of the virtually unlimited possibilities. Players will enter their exact phrase on a touch screen Lottery terminal or mobile device and one or more out of all the phrases in each game will be chosen randomly. There will always be one or more winning PHRAZZES picked in every game depending on the design chosen for that Lottery.In a recent survey of Lottery players, 63% were interested in this game and 7.6% of non-players said that they might now play. These results project a potential of 81.3 million current US lottery players interested in this game, and it may attract 7.4 million new Lottery players. Also developed is a slot machine version utilizing the same AlphaNumerics. Both flexible game concepts have applications in the developing Online “iGaming” and Social Gaming markets in addition to Casinos and Lotteries. Kadlec and Sedoris see PHRAZZES as revolutionary, not just evolutionary. A prototype Slot game has been developed and it can now be played on the company website http://PHRAZZES.com, http://facebook.com/phrazzes, or downloaded on iTunes. The inventors are now scheduling meetings with Slot and Lottery game manufacturers, looking to sign licensing agreements for both domestic and international markets. To receive additional information please use the contact information provided. PHRAZZES was founded in response to the belief that while many things in the gaming industry are different, it is only so often that something really new comes along. There IS a difference between DIFFERENT and NEW. Playing Auto Lotto led two Powell, OH newcomers to the gaming business. They wondered if there was a new way to engage and entertain Lottery players. Is there a way to generate new excitement in a game that has been the same for a long time? Would offering “Player Choice” in outcomes create radically new content? The inventors asked these questions and created PHRAZZES, the AlphaNumeric game system they believe will create a gaming revolution. It changes the landscape of Lotteries and it naturally flows to the Slot world. Slots continue to evolve with visually stimulating graphics. PHRAZZES brings a revolutionary change of AlphaNumeric Player Choice. PHRAZZES -the next New Word in Gaming.Contact:Gary KadlecPHRAZZING Games, LLC844-PHRAZZES614-495-0024Emailhttp://PHRAZZES.com

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