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July Slotland Jackpot Win Worth $169,072

By admin on Friday, August 8, 2014
Filled Under: deposit bonus

July Slotland Jackpot Win Worth $169,072
July Slotland Jackpot Win Worth $169,072 One of the things about Slotland is that all of their games are tied together into a big progressive jackpot. So even though they might not be the most popular online casino out there in terms of the quantity of jackpots that they have available, they do have a sizable payout that happens on a regular basis that’s usually in the range of $150,000 to $175,000. This jackpot was hit once again, and it just goes to show that you can become a big winner if you have the right timing at the right site like Slotland. A lucky Canadian player who wishes to remain anonymous hit the progressive at Slotland recently. His payout was worth $169,072, and he was playing the Tikal Treasure slot at the time on their instant play platform. This jackpot hits several times each year, and they have paid out a number of big winners as a result. The most recent winner said he’s been playing with Slotland for about four years, and his session started off with a couple of wins in the $1,000 range that kept him floating along until he took down the biggest payout available. This player said he’ll probably pay down some debt and that he was drawn to Slotland because of how quick they are with deposits, withdrawals and bringing out new games. Michael Hilary is the Slotland casino manager, and he said, “Maybe Slotland’s jackpot never gets to be millions of dollars, but that’s becaue it’s hit so often! We’ve had a lot of jackpot winners who, believe me, were all quite happy to walk away with a couple hundred thousand!” Their jackpots hit so often because every single one of their slots is tied to the same progressive. Not only does this make it one of the largest linked jackpots over multiple titles in the industry, but it also makes it easier for players to choose different games without feeling like they’re missing out on a chance for a bit payday. Slotland is an excellent place to enjoy a nice selection of slots that you won’t find anywhere else. Their proprietary software means that they have a collection of games that aren’t available at other sites, and this is a big change from the software companies who can have dozens of different operators all using the same set of games for players. The Latest Online Casino & Gambling Related News Casino gaming is a terrific business, with a lot going on. We want you to know what’s happening, because we know it’s ultimately going to make you a better consumer. Toward that end, we supply you with links to some of the latest that is going on in this fast-moving, ever-changing industry. The five latest news items added to Best Casino Sites Online can be found featured in the list of news below. For more news including our archives click here.

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