History of Online Slots

Slot machines were originally invented more than a hundred years, and although advanced for their time in comparison to what we see today are a bit archaic.

Original slot machines were as one-armed bandits by the leaver arm, with the machine and the ability to leave it to play a player was expelled penniless. The original One Armed Bandit slot machine was invented by Charles Fey of San Francisco. Charles Fey later went to his machines to simplify how the inability to control withdrawals was due to its complexity hinders the popular machines.

Fey introduced a 3-reel slot machine with the symbols of a Liberty Bell, horseshoes, diamonds, spades and hearts with the ultimate payout when the reels lined three Liberty Bells indication of slot machine names of the Liberty Bell. The slot machine was placed in restaurants, bars, brothels, bowling alleys and barbers shops and became so popular that many other companies made bell-type slot machines.