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John L Smith 鈥 McCain, others change their tune on sports wagering

By admin on Wednesday, February 18, 2015
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John L Smith 鈥 McCain, others change their tune on sports wagering
John L Smith 鈥 McCain, others change their tune on sports wagering The odds are good even the most perceptive bookmaker didn鈥檛 see this turnaround coming: U.S. Sen. John McCain speaking out in favor of expanding legalized sports betting in America.鈥淲e need a debate in Congress,鈥 the Arizona Republican said recently. 鈥淲e need to have a talk with the American people, and we need to probably have hearings in Congress on the whole issue so we can build consensus.鈥漈he American people couldn鈥檛 hear him. They were too busy betting with both fists on the recent Super Bowl 鈥 most of it illegally. Authorities estimate the 鈥淏ig Game鈥 generated $3.8 billion in illegal and untaxed wagers this year.But it鈥檚 hard to be much of a prohibitionist when your state generates big revenue by playing host to games that make up some of the biggest betting events of the year. Arizona is home to college bowl games and now the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl. If the political brain trust was smart, it would legalize sports betting on those occasions and bag a fortune in dollars that otherwise is flowing to Nevada or, more likely, into the pockets of illegal bookmakers from here to the Caribbean.Some of us are old enough to remember when McCain led the fight to ban college sports betting in places it鈥檚 currently legal. The fact those places were basically all located in Nevada was of little concern to McCain back in 2001 when he was bellowing and braying to ban the bets.In an article published in The Hill titled, 鈥淚t鈥檚 Past Time to Ban Amateur Sports Gambling,鈥 McCain offered, 鈥淚n 1992, Congress recognized the federal interest in protecting sports and athletes from the harmful effects of gambling, and prohibited state-sanctioned sports betting in the overwhelming majority of states. Although Congress 鈥榞randfathered鈥 a handful of states at that time, only Nevada has chosen to permit legal gambling on college sports. Until last year, however, when it changed its law in response to charges of gross hypocrisy, Nevada did not allow gambling on Nevada college teams 鈥 it only countenanced gambling on young athletes from every other state.鈥淎lthough betting on amateur sports is legal only in Nevada, its impacts are felt throughout the country. Not only does the Las Vegas betting clearinghouse send a confusing message about the propriety and legality of amateur sports gambling, the publication throughout the country of Las Vegas-generated point spreads fuels illegal gambling in the judgment of the (National Gambling Impact Study Commission), and steals victories from young athletes who manage to beat their opponents but not the spread.鈥滷orgetting for a moment that Nevada sports books have played an integral role in ferreting out signs of sports fixing for many years, the college sports betting issue generated big headlines for McCain and set him at odds with the gaming industry. So it was with no small sense of irony that at the same time McCain was hand-wringing over the soul of amateur athletics, he was also seen playing with both fists at the tables inside Caesars Palace not too far from a mega-sports book.Times have certainly changed. This past year in an opinion published in the New York Times, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said legalized sports betting should be expanded outside Nevada and regulated by the federal government, which does such a good job of regulating other things. But I digress.Silver鈥檚 perspective is refreshing and historically astute. Professional basketball鈥檚 founding generation was riddled with bookmakers and gamblers. Its games gave bookies and players action in Eastern cities at a time there wasn鈥檛 much else flowing in the winter months.The same is true for professional football. Some of its legendary leaders had bookmaking in their bloodlines 鈥 not that the NFL鈥檚 hypocritical hierarchy is inclined to admit that these days.Above the Little League and Pop Warner levels, sports and betting are inextricably linked. That doesn鈥檛 mean it鈥檚 always a healthy relationship 鈥 sometimes it鈥檚 downright scandalous 鈥 but its existence is undeniable.As a certain former prohibitionist from Arizona recently put it, 鈥淚 think that there is a place for sports gambling where gambling is legal.鈥漁f course there is. And it鈥檚 long past time McCain and some of his fellow senators acknowledged the fact.Copyright GamingWire. All rights reserved.

Mark Pilarski 鈥 Deal Me In: Does the Golden Arm exist?

By admin on Sunday, February 15, 2015
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Mark Pilarski 鈥 Deal Me In: Does the Golden Arm exist?
Mark Pilarski 鈥 Deal Me In: Does the Golden Arm exist? Dear Mark: I have read about people who are selling info about how to set dice. Is there anything to someone鈥檚 ability to set dice and to throw them a certain way to improve their ability to throw desired numbers? On the other hand, are you convinced no matter how you 鈥渟et鈥 the dice that you will have a completely random roll? I think there must be something to dice setting, as some casinos do not let you set them. Wade J.Setting dice on a crap game has been practiced forever and is typically not considered illegal. Dice setting rules or decisions come under each individual casino鈥檚 policy. Where it is allowed, the only problem dice setters might run into is that they could take some heat from a boxman for holding up the game by taking too long to find their set.The superstitious player might not like seeing a seven or a craps facing them once they take delivery of the dice from the stickman, so they rotate the dice 鈥 set them 鈥 until they have their favorite number on top.Then there is the dedicated community of crap players who believe in 鈥渃ontrolled shooting鈥 which goes far beyond simply setting the dice to their liking before a roll. These shooters feel that by gripping and tossing the dice at the correct angle, they can limit the rotational characteristics of the dice. By doing so, they will be able to control the results, hence, the game鈥檚 long-term odds in their favor.So, Wade, can dice shooters set the dice in a particular way and alter the conventional odds of the game? I fly on the side of gaming folklore, and hold that 鈥渋t ain鈥檛 so.鈥漁thers in the gaming business disagree. A favorite gambling author of mine, Frank Scoblete, penned a very enjoyable book called, Golden Touch, Dice Control Revolution. I鈥檓 not saying 鈥渘o dice鈥 to his belief, but it鈥檚 just that after spending 18 years on the inside, umpteen on the out, that I have to see it to believe it. And I haven鈥檛 seen it yet 鈥 with an officially permitted toss that is.As for a player setting, then sliding the dice across the table to get a specific result, sure, how hard is that. You can do that on your dining room table all day long. But you can expect to see crap dealers, a boxman, the pit boss or the eye in the sky go bonkers when some dice charlatan tries to illegally manipulate the cubes in a manner where a random outcome won鈥檛 occur.Cheating at craps is illegal, and there could be some substantial consequences not if, but when you are caught. Dice must be thrown across the table with some degree of ump. They cannot be pushed, 鈥渢rickled鈥 or slid across the table by the shooter.My personal take, Wade, is that the chance of affecting the dice after they have bounced off a surface of rubber pyramids on the back wall of a 12 foot crap table are slim to none, no matter how you set them, or what axis the dice were on in flight before they hit. Now playing cup-free, laissez faire Yahtzee with my wife, well, that is a different story.Gambling Wisdom of the Week: 鈥淭he dice goad like hooks and prick like whips; they deceive and torment. They are coated with honey.鈥 鈥 Better鈥檚 Lament, Rig Vada Hyme

Howard Stutz 鈥 Vote to reverse Bay State casinos appears losing 鈥 or will it?

By admin on Thursday, November 20, 2014
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Howard Stutz 鈥 Vote to reverse Bay State casinos appears losing 鈥 or will it?
Howard Stutz 鈥 Vote to reverse Bay State casinos appears losing 鈥 or will it? By all accounts, a referendum to undo Massachusetts鈥 casino law should get crushed in Tuesday鈥檚 election and lose by 15 to 20 percentage points.That鈥檚 what the most recent polls say.Then again, this is Massachusetts.Nothing has been simple when its comes to the state鈥檚 nascent casino business.Caesars Entertainment Corp. was tossed from the gaming license process in 2013 when an investigation found loose ties between a distant company business partner and an alleged Russian mobster.Wynn Resorts Ltd. Chairman Steve Wynn told the Massachusetts Gaming Commission a year ago he was 鈥渟cared to death鈥 his company would be chosen to build a Boston-area casino, only to lose the license because of rumors or unfounded allegations.MGM Resorts International was the last remaining applicant for the western Massachusetts license, but it was still touch-and-go this year whether the company would be approved by regulators.In the Bay State, the road to casinos has had many potholes.Now, three years after lawmakers and the governor approved adding three Las Vegas-style casinos and a slot machine-only facility, gambling opponents pushed through an anti-gaming ballot referendum.Voters have a chance to scuttle the whole process.A yes vote means the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on development plans, locating and securing casino sites, winning local approval and investigating potential operators will have been for naught.A no vote is a victory for the casinos.Polling by The Boston Globe a few weeks ago found 53 percent of voters support keeping the gaming law, while 39 percent want to see the casinos thrown out.Eric Schippers, Penn National vice president of public affairs, said the company takes nothing for granted.During Penn鈥檚 third-quarter earnings conference call last month, Schippers said the company is part of a broad-based coalition that includes unions and public safety advocates working to defeat the referendum.That support includes a recent $1 million campaign contribution from Penn National to the coalition, bringing the company鈥檚 overall total to $3.2 million since July.The casino operator is protecting its investment, a $225 million slot machine-only casino attached to Plainridge Racecourse. Penn has invested more than $100 million in the Massachusetts gaming push, including $42 million to secure the facility and $25 million for the license.The casino operator is halfway through construction of the slot machine casino to open next June.Schippers said Penn鈥檚 effort is focused on the jobs and revenue casinos would create for the state and local communities. The casinos also would help recapture $1 billion annually spent by Massachusetts residents in out-of-state casinos.Penn National CEO Tim Wilmott hopes voters are getting the message and 鈥渁ppreciate the substantial economic and employment benefits that gaming will bring to the Commonwealth.鈥漈he ballot question has brought detente to the bickering factions of casino industry.Penn and MGM Resorts, which is licensed to build an $800 million hotel-casino in Springfield, feuded in recent years over casino locations on the East Coast. MGM Resorts has donated $2.5 million to the pro-gaming coalition.Wynn Resorts, which earned a license in September for the Boston area to build a $1.6 billion property in the town of Everett, donated $1 million to defeat the referendum.The Washington, D.C.-based American Gaming Association, which normally avoids statewide ballot referendums, targeted a series of its 鈥淕et to Know Gaming鈥 ads in the Boston area in recent weeks, touting the industry鈥檚 $240 billion annual economic impact across the country.The pro-casino Coalition to Protect Jobs has raised more than $7.5 million, according to the most recent campaign spending reports. The Repeal the Casino Deal Committee has raised $436,000.Union Gaming Group analyst Robert Shore said the gaming industry campaign contributions will be money well spent. He expects the referendum to lose handily Tuesday.鈥淭he profiles for projected economic impact encompassing funding for education and infrastructure, as well as projected job creation of 15,000 jobs, remains compelling for host communities,鈥 Shore told investors last month. 鈥淎dditionally, we note that incremental license fee revenue has already been considered within the (Massachusetts) budget, therefore implying tangible downside for the state if projects are shelved.鈥漁utgoing Gov. Deval Patrick, who signed the original casino legislation, and House Speaker Robert DeLeo, who backed the bill, oppose the referendum. Candidates hoping to replace Patrick also have said they will vote no on the measure.The highest-profile supporter of the referendum is U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who is sometimes touted as an alternative to Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. The Boston Globe editorialized in favor of the casino repeal.A year ago, it seemed Massachusetts was doing everything in its power to trash what many analysts believe would become a lucrative gaming destination.But events changed and licenses were awarded.MGM Resorts could start building in Springfield as soon as the referendum is declared dead.Wynn Resorts is moving ahead with a regulatory agency-requested redesign of its hotel-casino and is expected to provide a cleanup plan for the heavily polluted 30-acre former Monsanto Chemical Co. site along the Mystic River across from Boston.Even Massachusetts couldn鈥檛 screw up Tuesday鈥檚 vote.Or could it?Copyright GamingWire. All rights reserved.

Download and play exciting online slots slot machines at Slots of Vegas casino

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To begin, the slots of Vegas online casino is a fabulous place to download and play exciting online slots slot machines. The online community has long been in the service of his players with quality online gaming and pure price-performance ratio. It is mainly due to the wide range of online casino games that made the slots of Vegas, to win such a large number of players. If you want to get the most out of online slot machines in every respect, then the Slots of Vegas is the perfect place for you. In this stylish casino slots you can not get enough of. They come in any form, in every way to satisfy pf players. If you go then type the tale of Aladdin wishes or if you want some treasure hunting, then you should opt for Aztecs treasure. The Slots of Vegas has also introduced a different fun-slot, namely, Food Fight for all the players out there, some crazy and exciting online slots games want. Just go and download online slots are the gaming area. So if you have to download and play online slots at Slots of Vegas you start a tremendous experience. The online casino with slot machines in every little detail has been created, any of the lines to display the icons, it’s all magic. There are many places out, so you never know what may be the best slot for you to choose. Just keep changing the variety and enjoy these slots to the maximum. The slots on the Slots of Vegas also have amazing payouts. There are many bonus opportunities, making the games even more fun. What are you waiting for, download and play exciting online slots slot machines at Slots of Vegas casino!

Free online games like slots

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If you want to play free online slots, the possibilities are endless! In fact, the Internet with Free Slots is overcrowded. Just go online and play your favorite slot machines. Simple and free, is not it?

Why Play Free Online Slots

There are many reasons why you should play free slots. The main features are:

Enjoy the offer on the part of the fun and entertainment through online slots, without a single dollar.

You can win money for free!

Apart from that, you get a clear picture of the type of online slots offered by a website and can decide whether this game live up to your expectations.

Free online games like slots

Most casino sites followed in 3 simple steps you can play free slot games. Take a look at these steps.

Step 1: Sign up

All popular and real online slots free casino sites, you can create account. To visit such a website and fill out and submit the registration form. Most of these sites to keep the registration form short and simple.

Step 2: You will sign up bonus

So you enjoy playing free slot games, a popular online slots site gives you award – a sign-up bonus worth a fistful of dollars. This money is totally free and you can use it to try your luck on different slot machines on a website. But to get this money, you need to confirm your registration. Most websites send you an email with your user name and password and the instructions to get your free registration money.

Step 3: Play online slots and win money!

Once you get the money, you can use it to play free slot games on that site. Play the real game with the free money and score wins. If you win, you can withdraw or to express a certain part of your winnings!

So what do you think of playing free online slots? If you think they are worth it, find a good website that you play slot machines for free and you’re ready to begin the fun!

Online slots jackpots and you

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If the jackpot online slot machines featured in the eye? Then go through the information listed to know more about online slot machine jackpots. This lets you get the correct jackpot game at the right time!


Types of slot machines jackpots


There are many types of slot jackpots on the Internet. Below are the most common.


Progressive Jackpots

Most online slots have progressive jackpots, as the top prize. As the name implies, a progressive jackpot starting from a fixed value and then increases with each game played, until someone makes it. Once it hit, is it reset. Play due to a large number of online slots players the same game at the same time, the progressive jackpot increases at a rapid rate.


Guaranteed Jackpots

Online slots jackpots and guaranteed feature. Such a jackpot remains the same. They are neither increases nor decreases in relation to the number of games played. These jackpots are quite common and often have good prices paid.


How hit a jackpot


A variety of online slots jackpot triggers in different ways. Some jackpots are triggered randomly at the conclusion of a game. It can even be your very first game! Progressive slots jackpots are usually triggered in this way.


Some jackpots are triggered when you line up the necessary number of symbols in a winning combination. Online slots are special bonus icons for this purpose. This method is often cause for guaranteed jackpots from slot machines.


Other useful information


Often jump online slots players the weapon and start to play slot machines jackpots this feature. They simply ignore the need for some of the other prizes. It is true that jackpot you get a considerable amount of money in one go, but what if you do not take it for a while? So it is always a good idea to check the pay tables and see what others are prices from online slots on a Web site presented.


So, are you ready to play online slot machine and hit BIG jackpots? Well, then go ahead and find a good online slots site to enjoy and win.

History of Online Slots

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Slot machines were originally invented more than a hundred years, and although advanced for their time in comparison to what we see today are a bit archaic.

Original slot machines were as one-armed bandits by the leaver arm, with the machine and the ability to leave it to play a player was expelled penniless. The original One Armed Bandit slot machine was invented by Charles Fey of San Francisco. Charles Fey later went to his machines to simplify how the inability to control withdrawals was due to its complexity hinders the popular machines.

Fey introduced a 3-reel slot machine with the symbols of a Liberty Bell, horseshoes, diamonds, spades and hearts with the ultimate payout when the reels lined three Liberty Bells indication of slot machine names of the Liberty Bell. The slot machine was placed in restaurants, bars, brothels, bowling alleys and barbers shops and became so popular that many other companies made bell-type slot machines.

Online slots Prices: Everything you always wanted to know

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You ask yourself what you want out of online slots in terms of prices? Wonder no more! Go through this article to find out what you know already offered more than the price of online slots.


Prices from online slots Offered


Online slot machines feature really good prices paid and other rewards. This includes cash rewards, jackpot, and in-game bonuses. Learn more about these prizes below.


Cash Prizes

Online slots have well-paid cash prizes. You win big time on most slot machines. In fact, you can check out the featured paytable on a slot game before you play them. After reviewing the pay table you can select another slot machine that pays you more. To survive the intense competition to attract more players and keep existing, try slot websites better prize money than any other offer. So in short, win prizes appreciated if you win at online slots!


Online Slots are also known for the jackpot you. The most common type of jackpot is known as a progressive jackpot. Such a jackpot has a base amount that is growing after each game. This happens until someone wins the jackpot. On some sites progressive jackpots are linked to several games together. These jackpots are also called grand jackpot and they have a tendency to grow very quickly once they were taken. So if you’re online slots jackpots that such function to get to go for it.

In-game bonuses

Online slot machines are also famous for in-game bonuses. The games feature these bonuses are better know as a bonus online slot machines. In such a special bonus game symbols are marked. These symbols, like scattered wilderness known (as replacement) and multipliers, you get additional payouts. Moreover, this bonus feature slots are a bonus round. In the bonus round, you get bonus money. Sometimes they win free games and sometimes the bonus round is triggered again and again!


Deposit Bonus: The icing on the cake!


Apart from this, gives you a good cash online slots sites offer deposit bonuses. For example, if you make your first deposit, you will receive a lucrative bonus to. Apart from that, on every deposit, you get a lot of money! How to play online slots is always fertile.


Hope you find this information useful and are willing to play online slots. If you are a good fast online slots site and leave your thrills begin!

Get Hooked to play online slots & Feel The Ultimate Indulgence

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Playing online casino slots is not only a source of entertainment, but also a source of earning money online sitting at the comfort of home. What's so good about the games is that you do not have to gain extensive knowledge of the game. A player can easily surf the game play in a variety of sites on the Internet. However, try online slot play from the comfort of your home, you must ensure that the site is reliable and legitimate. Furthermore, what one has to make sure is whether the game sites are clear enough in the payment of the prize money. But what needs to be reminded that online casino slot games requires not only strategic applications, but also possesses an element of luck, you provide an excellent future permits.


Today you will come to number tens of online slots and decisions. Talking about different kinds of online games is the generally accepted slots jackpot slot 3Reel slots. Here is the winning margin, is very prominent and the prize is enormous. This can for sure that once a player puts his hands on those games that he / she can easily get stuck with this be said. In an effort to play, online slots, an individual to choose the denomination or value of the coin from the given options. The online casino slot games to start playing from maximum to minimum selection of coins. If you are interested in playing online slots are the procedures, it is necessary to check the payout chart. The graphic comes with all the rules and prices listed online slots well. Remember, play online slots sessions depends on the amount of money you can afford can play.


The facts, tips and other information that is needed to play against, to laying on of hands in online slots are always available to the players. So, all you players when the zeal to try your luck playing slots, but not confident about shelling have money, it is advisable to first try the free online slots. Look at the sides of the free online slots and take your excitement to a new high. So try your luck and play online slots, as you never know, your one click you can win jackpots, and even richer.

Online slots are the most violent game for casino players

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Yes, online slots play for the wildest casino players.If you wonder why this is the case, let us explain why we are such a strong statement regarding online slots.Whether you would play online slots for real money or free slot machines, one can not deny that the risk factor is high for online slots.


Each time the reels spin of an online slot, you are not knowing the uncertainty of whether this slot machine take the coins, which make you a bet, or if it comes, the next moment millionaire.Therefore, which, if you’re going to play online slots, you need a little intense to deal with the uncertainty and the gains or losses, you accept the inevitably accumulate.

However, we also know that not every player’s temperament or the willingness to risk everything in a spin the wheels at an online slot player machine.For that we offer all our online slot machines for free if they visit the casino. If you still enjoy mind blowing graphics, animations and hectic, but do not want you to taste the risks games.We not want to deal with losing money, our free slot differ in quality and the same online Slots are available to real money players available as free slots for those who are only looking for harmless entertainment.

You have nothing to lose by trying our free slot machines, and maybe after a few spins you will find that you actually set the temperament, the right coins at our online slots and the next Millionaire is up to you on your block.It, we want to do with you choosing what you find most comfortable.